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Democrat - January-February 2010 (Number116)

Arthur Smelt points out some

Double Standards


It is difficult to fully imagine how the people of Britain would react if our country were to be invaded by foreign armies. After being blanket bombed as the Afghans were, our occupiers then told us what kind of government we should have, (regime change) and we were forced to hand over profitable parts of our economy to companies designated by the invaders.

   This would result in fellow citizens being killed, maimed and displaced. Our infrastructure would become chaotic with unemployment and loss of whatever essential services existed, thereby making life intolerable. To say the least, this would create in some people an insurmountable anger and need to hit back as happened when the Nazis invaded across Europe. The grief and rage generated in the minds of parents whose beloved children became injured or killed as a result of military action, could make them feel they had nothing to live for and to turn them into suicide bombers. The drive to cause as much damage and suffering to the occupiers would be very strong indeed.

   The question arises in the minds of many ordinary people as to what inane and inhuman mindset brings about such utter craziness where not only is there loss of innocent lives and property, but the earth's scarce and dwindling resources being criminally squandered, not to mention the financial waste. No doubt the Arms Trade see this differently.

   Numerous facile arguments have been put forward to justify actions in Afghanistan just as mendacious as the excuses used for the invasion of Iraq where Bush used the tactics of bombing to create 'shock and awe' or terrorism on a massive scale. Now we are supposedly protecting Britain from terrorism and helping to bring about stability and democracy to Afghanistan. Surely those propagandists who persist in pursuing this kind or argument know that even in the school yard the school bully risks a kick up the rear when he is not looking. This codswallop is being pedaled at a time when many people in Britain are concerned about the dishonest and undemocratic practices going on here. Elections and referenda manipulated by our Establishment and EU causes a mixture of apathy and anger amongst the electorate. We are not being blanket bombed into submission, but conned into accepting widespread malfeasance and at the same time being drawn into a political and economic arrangement where people throughout Europe are being bamboozled and deprived of the full knowledge regarding the true nature of ED.

   When all the treaties and laws have been put in place, not by democratic consent, but by an unelected, corrupt Brussels oligarchy assisted by unelected power brokers like Brown and Mandelson and now an unelected EU president, it is intended that those laws will be made difficult to reverse. Once ordinary citizens begin to realise they have been seriously conned and that the interests being promoted are basically the same as those causing economic and social chaos now, then the consequences will be dire.

   There has to be a drastic change in the way human beings behave, especially by those in positions of power and privilege, where the practice of professing standards and beliefs contrary to reality or actual behaviour are replaced by cooperation and genuine union, whereby resources and human ingenuity are used for the common good, then the future does not augur well. To use the words of Mahatma Gandhi.    "There is enough in the world for man's need, but not for man's greed."