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Democrat suggested books, pamphlets and other material for studying many aspects of the EEC (Common Market) through to the EU and eurozone. This includes material from different perspectives especially that which should be of interest to the labour and trade union movement and students of the subject.
This is not a definitive list and further suggestions of material are welcome.

Reading List


David Cronin: Corporate Europe, How big business sets policies on food, climate and war:
Pluto Press: 2013: 204pp index: ISBN 978-0-7453-3332-8

Exposes the anti-democratic, pro-corporate agenda in the EU and is a devastating indictment which reveals the increasing power of corporations to set EU policies.

Johan Galtung: The European Community: A Superpower in the Making:
George Allen & Unwin: 1973,1981: 195pp: ISBN 0-04-327042-5

A critique of the EEC and the imperialist nature of the EEC which originally was six former empires joined together. The author is Norwegian. This book was recommended reading by the Open University.

George W Ball: The Past Has Another Pattern:
Norton: 1982: 527pp index illus: ISBN 0-393-01481-9

Important chapters on the background to USA influence in persuading France to accept Britain into the EEC. USA foreign policy towards EEC. Written by an Under-secretary of State.

Vsevolod Kniazhinsky: West European Integration: Its policies and International Relations
Progress Publishers Moscow: 426pp index octavo: 1984

A study of the problems associated with integration in Western Europe especially the motives behind the EEC and the history.

Bernard Connolly: The Rotten Heart of Europe:
Faber: 1995: 427pp index: ISBN 0-571175-20-1

A former VIP EU employee's whistleblower's look at the EU.

Christopher Booker & Richard North: The Great Deception, Can the European Union Survive:
Continuum: 2003, 2004: 641pp index: ISBN 0-8264-8014-4

A comprehensive detailed history of the EEC to the EU. The only criticism is that the authors do not mention the key role of transnational coroporations and capitalism.

Marta Andreasen: Brussels Laid Bare
St Edward's Press: 2009: 128pp: ISBN 978-0-9554188-1-5

The author was the European Commission Chief Accountant who was sacked and villified for trying to reform the EU accounts so that they were open and transparent.


Editor - Jens-Peter Bonde: The Lisbon Treaty - The Readable Version:
Foundation for Democracy: 2008: 384pp index: ISBN 87-87692-72-4

This is a consolidated version of the European Constitution (Lisbon Treaty) including the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

John Atkinson Hobson: Imperialism - a study:
Nisbet 1902: reprint by Cambridge University Press 2010: 400pp index: ISBN 978-1-108-02514-0

A classic analysis of imperialism in the 19th Century by an economist and socialist which is apt today.

Labour and trade union movement issues

Social Europe is a Con
Introduction by RMT general secretary Bob Crow,
Contributions by Brian Denny, Alex Gordon, Linda Kaucher and John Boyd (Editor)
Democrat Publications: 2012: £2: illus: 38pp: ISBN 978-1-904260-10-3 (In print and available)

This pamphlet includes a TimeLine and contributors specifically answer the claims made in the EU/TUC pamphlet Single Market, Equal Rights

KD Ewing & John Hendy QC (Editors): The New Spectre Haunting Europe - The ECJ, Trade Union Rights, and the British Government
112pp: The Institute of Employment Rights: 2009: ISBN 978-1-906703042

Brian Denny: The Services Directive - a race to the bottom!
Democrat Publications: 2006: 24pp: ISBN 1-904260-07-1

Ron Dorman: Young or Old Defend Your Pension
Democrat Publications: 2004: 33pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-25-6

John Boyd: The Murder of British Industry
Connolly Publications: 1987: 16pp
forward by Desmond Greaves


The Luxembourg Judgement - The EU attacks workers' rights yet again
Peoples' Movement (Ireland): 2009: 15pp

Edmund & Ruth Frow: Roots of Our Rights I
Democrat Press: 1998-2008: illus 41pp: ISBN 978-1-904260-08-0

Ruth Frow: Roots of Our Rights II
Democrat Press: 2002-2008: illus 48pp: ISBN 978-1-904260-09-7

Thomas Paine:Rights of Man
Penguin Classics: 1985: 281pp: ISBN 0-14-039015-4

Paine defends popular rights, national independence, revolutionary war, and economic growth. He took part in two revolutions - American and French.

Democracy, independence and sovereignty

John Boyd: European Union - National Independence & Democracy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 1998: 29pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-07-5

Desmond Greaves: The National Question (Lecture given in 1968)
Democrat Publications: 2002: 24pp: ISBN 1-904260-00-4: £1 (still in print)

John Boyd: Opposition to European Union - An outline history 1971-1998
'Democrat'/Campaign against Euro-federalism: 1998: 20pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-09-1

EU Membership

Ian Milne:Time to Say No
Alternatives to EU membership
CIViTAS: 2011: tables 78pp: ISBN 978-1-906837-32-7: £8
Includes statistics on trade and sketches out the management, timetable, mechanics and consequences of full withdrawal of Britain from the EU

Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt and Philip Whyman: Britain and the European Union: Alternative Futures
Campaign for an Independent Britain: 2005: bibl 139pp: ISBN 0-9519642-5-9

Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt and Philip Whyman: There is an alternative - Britain and its relaitonship with the EU
Campaign for an Independent Britain: 1996: bibl 139pp: ISBN 0-9519642-1-6

Douglas Jay: After the Common Market - A Better Alternative for Britain
Penguin Special S258: 1968:126pp:
The author was an avid anti-Marketeer and resigned from the Wilson government. His predictions have come true.

Single curency, euro, fiscal union

David Marsh: The euro - Battle for the New Global Economy
Yale University Press: 2011: 352pp: ISBN 9-78030-1767-42

This work clearly indicates that Britain should have no part of the euro. The turbulent history of the euro is outlined including all the "in-fighting".

Peoples Movement, Ireland: The European Stability Mechanism and the case for an Irish Referendum
People's Movement of Ireland: 2011: 25pp

Brian Denny: Politics of the EURO - Economics of the Madhouse
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 2000: 42pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-18-0

Euro Fallout
EU:Economic and Monetary Union
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 26pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-15-6

EU: Common Foreign and Security Policy

Leo Dreapir: National Independence or Global War Policy?
EU:Common Foreign and Security Policy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 1999: 55pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-10-5

Brian Denny: Military-Industrial-Complex - Costing the Earth
EU:Common Foreign and Security Policy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 1999: 25pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-11-3

John Boyd & Leo Dreapir: Today: Target Yugoslavia, Tomorrow Russia?
EU:Common Foreign and Security Policy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 1999: 52pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-13-X

Agreements or NATO-EU diktats? Ramboulilet and Kosovo documents
EU:Common Foreign and Security Policy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 1999: 60pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-14-8

John Boyd & Leo Dreapir: New Europe, New Century, Old Imperialism
EU:Common Foreign and Security Policy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 2000: 55pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-16-4

Leo Dreapir & John Boyd: African Resource Wars of the 21st Century
EU:Common Foreign and Security Policy
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 2000: 64pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-19-9

EU: Justice and Home Affairs

Torquil D Erikson, Ron Dorman, Michael Clark and Arthur Smelt:
European Union wants the jury out - Habias Corpus v Corpus Juris
Campaign against Euro-federalism: 2000: 30pp: ISBN 1-89-8417-17-4

Common Agricultural Policy

Richard Body: Agriculture: The Triumph and The Shame
Temple Smith: 1982: 139pp: ISBN 0-85117-228-8
The author was a Conservative MP, a farmer and stockbreeder. He has opposed Britain's membership of the EU and the CAP.

L Afanasiev & V Kolovnyakov: Contradictions of Agrarian Integration in the Common Market
Progress Publishers (Moscow): 1976: 177pp

An examination of the causes of contradictions within the Common Market countries and the forms that they assume.

Suggestions for further works to be listed are welcome.