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For independence, democracy, peace and jobs, and against the European Constitution and racism

If you agree with our position on the EU you are invited to join our Campaign.

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Links and other information

Campaign against Euro-federalism

CAEF, PO BOX 46295, London W5 2UG, Great Britain      
tel 0845 345 8902       mobile 078 114 884 34
email - campaign

The Campaign is affiliated to:

TEAM - European Alliance of EU-critical Movements - TEAM
Alliance against the European Constitution

Affiliated organisations to CAEF include:

National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers - RMT
Scottish Campaign against Euro-federalism - SCAEF
Free Scotland Party - SIP
Socialist Labour Party - SLP
Connolly Association - CA
Pensioners' organisations
Trade union branches and other units of the labour and trade union movement

Links to Anti-EU, Euro-sceptic and information only sites

(CAEF does not necessarily agree with everything on these sites)

Trade Unionists against the EU Constitution - TUAEUC
No2EU - Yes to democracy - No2EU
Democracy Movement - a broad EU-sceptic movement - DM
Democracy Movement - Surrey Branch
Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign - LESC
Youth for a Free Europe - yffe
Europe Says No! - esno!
Campaign for an Independent Britain - CIB
CIVITAS Institute for the Study of Civil Society an important site for students
Peoples Pledge for a referendum on EU membership

Other websites of interest including those from
the main stream EU-sceptic orgnisations

German Foreign Policy - group of journalists
Corporate Europe Observatory - research group
Open Europe - business based research and think tank
Freenations - exposes historical roots of EU in fascism
Global Britain - research group
Campaign for Sensible Transport - CaST
European Foundation - Publishes a Journal - EF Organisations across continent of Europe
Progressive England - Voice of the patriotic left

International links

Peoples Movement of Ireland - PM
Peace and Neutrality Alliance of Ireland - PANA Irl
Denmark - Peoples Movement against the EU
Sweden - Peoples Movement - No! to EU
Norway - No! to EU
Malta Camapign for an Independent Malta
(Itsenaisyyspuolue) - Independence party in Finland
(Vaihtoehto EU:lle) An alternative to EU in Finland

Press and information

National Platform of Ireland - information and analysis
Morning Star Daily socialist paper which opposes the EU
EUobserver - for daily news about the EU
eurofaq - facts and information
eurofacts - fornightly publication on the internet