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Democrat August 2002 (Number 64)

Arthur Smelt makes some points on

Man's inhumanity

'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter'

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

Asylum and immigration are areas of concern that have constantly appeared and reappeared throughout the ages. People movements have gone on from time immemorial. Most of us in all probability do not know who our ancestors were or where they came from. In more recent times people from Britain have emigrated to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere, usually in search of a better life. There have been periods when more people were leaving Britain than were coming in.

Before, during and after the Second World War people came to this country from every corner of Europe as a result of persecution and destruction. Wherever hostile conditions occur whether man-made or for other reasons such as pestilence, famine or adverse climatic conditions people will want to escape.

Sadly varying degrees of vitriol are directed at refugees rather than the reasons for their predicament. The question we should all be asking and demanding answers to is; what makes people so desperate as to want to leave their homeland and risk their lives for the unknown?

There is little doubt that culpability for considerable unsettlement can be laid at the door of governments worldwide. Interference in the internal affairs of independent states by the more powerful has caused much destruction, loss of life and famine. A catalogue would fill volumes.


Chaos created in Angola is a typical example of interference by the West to achieve certain political ambitions. Destabilisation created by setting one group off against another and fuelling conflict with weapons and finance is the usual tactic to topple governments or regimes not approved of.

The EU and US dominated NATO dealt with Yugoslavia similarly, culminating in many weeks of heavy bombing and demands made to put in power a leadership approved by the EU and US. Innocent people are being killed in Afghanistan on the pretext of hunting Osama Bin Laden is a prime example, of political and military leaders who care little or nothing about human suffering or consequent refugee problems.

Now we are faced with interference in the internal affairs of independent nation states by legal trickery in order to engineer a political and economic structure designed to fulfil the ambitions of an undemocratic political oligarchy. The European commission and their controllers the transnational companies, are using every trick in their armoury to create a political monolith where their interests will be paramount and unassailable.

Interests of the few

Whilst taxpayers' money is used to impart ideas of a EU of egalitarian principles, policies and systems are being put in place that are in the interests of the few, not the many. The institutions and infrastructure of our country are being damaged in ways that become more apparent by the day, in all sectors.

Further interference in the form of the intended eastward expansion could endanger the fragile economies of countries like Poland, which would spark massive migration westward and create volatility in western labour markets. The German Migration Council a non-governmental body have commissioned a report which indicates that hundreds of thousands of east Europeans are now ready to go west.

The authors of the report, Professor Klaus Bade, director of the institute of migration research and international studies at Osnabruck University and Rainer Munz, professor of demography at Humboldt University in Berlin indicate that by the year 2020, five million potential migrants will be packing their bags to come west at a time when there is every indication that industrial production is slowing down due to overcapacity.

Other ideas

Although an agreement has been reached between Poland and the EU to the effect that migrants will not be allowed to work in other member states until seven years had elapsed, potential migrants will no doubt have other ideas. As can be seen from news reports over many years, US foreign policy has created a massive refugee problem. This has resulted in huge sums of money expended in attempts to create an impenetrable border between the US and Mexico but the ingenuity of immigrants has triumphed with record numbers of crossings.