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Democrat Editorial by John Boyd - June 2000 (Number 44)

Concerted action will
defeat the EU monster

EU superstate a prison

Hitler was an envious student of the British Empire which ruled and exploited large areas of the world. Backed by big capital Hitler prounced there would be a European Union to last a thousand years.

The same is happening today with the attempt to impose European Union on most of the continent of Europe and forecasts of the single currency lasting for ever!

This time men with moustaches, funny salutes and gas chambers are not being used. Instead glossy paper and overpaid politicians push regulations, directives and policies to be rubber stamped and foisted on us all without a word of warning or consultation.

As before in frustrated inter war imperial Germany, the driving force is big capital. This time around the stakes are much higher matched by larger than life promises and lies.

The people in each nation state have to be persuaded to accept there is a gold mine at the foot of the euro-rainbow. In particular each labour movement and as many constituent organisations within the movement as possible, have to be won to support the all star European Union. If that is achieved then people will be controlled.

Moves towards a superstate

Our paper this month explains some of the latest moves towards a superstate. In the recent past there was the virtually secret switch by the new Labour Government to support a common military and foreign policy. Today there are significant steps towards Schengen and common policing, an inferior justice system and tax harmonisation.

Another Brussels diktat

The orders from Brussels to privatise the Post Office [see oppose PO privatisation] have not been properly addressed by the Government despite Mr Byers stating at the postal workers union conference, this institution would not be privatised. He said the PO would become an Independent Publicly Owned Company which would be at an "arms-length relationship" with Whitehall. Out of reach from government and democratic accountability is a step towards privatisation!

New Treaty and Charter

the horizon is yet another Treaty on European Union, an EU Constitution and a Charter of Rights. All the rights, if they do not currently exist, could be made law by the government of each separate nation state. There is no need to have an expensive centralised undemocratic infrastructure to hand down such measures. One thing is clear, the Charter is yet another red herring to persuade ordinary people and their organisations to support European Union.

The bright side of European politics consists of many divisions between member states and different vested interests. There is open public disagreement as to how hard to push on towards a superstate. The use of rapid reaction military forces, of which the European Army is a joint affair, boils down as to who can get there first. Other EU member states are not happy with Britain for action in Sierra Leone with the aim of controlling the diamond fields to maintain the monopoly of De Beers. The peoples of Africa have had enough of being controlled and prevented from using the wealth under their very feet to end deprivation and poverty we can hardly imagine in Britain.

Growing resistance

There are now many examples in western Europe of growing resistance and understanding of what European Union is about. This includes trade unionist's growing objection to the single currency. Opinion polls in Denmark are indicating the electorate opposes joining the single currency. Their referendum is in September. In Britain there is general disgust with everything emanating from Brussels.

As our leading article this month makes clear, success in our particular task ahead has to be based on unity and alliance of all democratic forces opposed to the EU monster and not just the single currency alone. The Campaign against Euro-federalism will not be found wanting.

This month a museum dedicated to the holcaust has been opened. The holocaust was part of the push to put a European Union in place.

"A shrewd conqueror will always enforce his exactions only by stages...The more numerous the extortions thus passively accepted, so much the less will resistance appear justified in the eyes of the people, if the vanquished nation should end by revolting against the last act of oppression in a long series. And that is especially so if the nation has already patiently and silently accepted impositions which were much more exacting."

Adolph Hitler in 'Mein Kampf'

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