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Democrat November-December 2012 (Number 132)

Song No.4

Banker's Cream

Sung to tune of " Solidarity for Ever" or
"The Battle Hymn of  the Republic"

Words by Tony Grace

While the Bankers steal the cream
The Euro train runs out of steam
Fed'ral  Europe remains their goal
while millions languish on the dole
The ECB confers in vain
to stop the rain in cash strapped Spain
That state may look to split apart
before it leaves the the Eurocart
With fiscal  monsters at the helm
what price the freedom of our realm
and all the lands
held in Eurocentric hands


National sovereignty forever
Eurofederalism never
National sovereignty for ever
Referendum now

Time to quit the superpower
Shall we live to greet the day
when the Euro state is swept away
Beneath the brows of bankers grey
the workers lose the right to strike
Labour must move freely they say
"Lost your job" then take a hike
"don't fall sick or you'll be sorry"
The Euro camp will cut free health
The Rich,of course won't need to worry