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Address to the AGM of the Peoples' Movement against the EU
Arhus 30 October 2004

"The main task we all face in the next period is the EU state Constitution"

Thank you for the invitation to your AGM of the Peoples' Movement against the EU in Denmark. I am today representing one organisation and one alliance.

The Campaign against Euro-federalism (CAEF in Great Britain) is oriented towards the labour and trade union movement. As one of the big four in the EU, Britain is a key state. The battleground in Britain will concentrate on the labour movement. The Labour Government and labour movement leadership are largely in favour of the EU Constitution without any debate having taken place. Hence CAEF has a huge responsibility.

Like the Social Charter in the late 1980's, part III of the Constitution - the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - is being used to sell this new Treaty. Thanks largely to one trade union, the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT), the British TUC has taken a neutral position and agreed to debate the Constitution. Unfortunately a delegate to the European TUC voted in secret in favour of the Constitution.

The debate in the labour movement is already a dirty fight. Those critical of the EU are by implication accused of being fasicists or fascist like.

The real top hatted fascism we have to guard against and prevent is the EU with a state Constitution which allows the EU to change itself into whatever it likes without referring to the Member State or the peoples of Europe.

The signing yesterday (29 October) on the site of the Rome Treaty was also the site of the centre of the old Roman Empire. This is one indication the EU is a joint imperialism with an EU army to hand to go stomping around the world.

- - - - - - - -

TEAM is a very important international alliance of euro-critical organisations and movements with 60 organisations from 20 countries and 600,000 members. This includes right to left political positions, reformers and those who want their country to withdraw from the EU.

This alliance will become even more important as the EU stumbles along. TEAM will provide: the opportunity to exchange experiences; provide high quality material in several languages; show there is growing resistance in all member state to the anti-democratic EU monster; will sound the alarm when false stores and accusations are broadcast; and will act as a growing network to provide links between organisations and activists.

We need more organisations to affiliate to TEAM. In particular we need trade unions to affiliate directly to TEAM. Trade union delegates here are invited to take back to their unions the invitation to affiliate to TEAM. Such affiliations would significantly strengthen TEAM.

There will be an important and key event in London in March or April associated with the TEAM AGM. This will include a rally, seminars and the AGM itself. Your organisations will be invited to send delegates to this event.

Both CAEF and TEAM wish you well in your work. I make a challenge - let us see who can obtain the largest percentage vote against the EU state Constitution - Denmark or Britain. Together with others we will win the referendums. Say No! to the EU state Constitution - Yes! to Democracy.


Secretary of the Campaign against Euro-federalism

Co-ordinator (chairman) of TEAM

Link to TEAM website