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Democrat November-December 2012 Editorial (Number 132)

Stand up and take action

The only solution to the eurocrisis from the Euro-federalists point of view is Euro-federalism consisting of a full blown economic, financial monetary and banking union.

Germany has proposed that all the large banks in the eurozone, to start with, are supervised by one person and not the European Central Bank which will supervise smaller banks.

This means doing away with the powers of national parliament and governments hence the blueprint launched by the EU President, Von Romouy.

There is no concern whatsoever by these pumped up politicians and officials who draft blueprints and draft yet more directives to enforce austerity to put this objective in place for all the peoples who are being forced into poverty with lives blighted. This is unforgivable, especially so for young people who are locked into mass unemployment. This applies not only in the eurozone states but in Britain as well.

The call for a banking union is just one of the strands to get around the eurocrisis and at the same time diminish the influence of Britain's powerful financial and banking sector. The City of London is in competition with the financial centres in Frankfurt and Paris.

Currently, finance capital dominates the economy in Britain and policies of the Condem governments. This has been the case for a number of years now and has been the major reason behind the deindustrialisation of Britain. This led to the removal of large swathes of wealth-making industries, especially manufacturing, which produce the necessary wealth for public sector services including the NHS.

The next objective of the euro-federalists is to have a European Army in place to carry out the EU's foreign policy. This is euphemism for imperialism It should be remembered that the forerunner of the EU, the European Economic Community, was founded by six broken empires and then joined by Britain.

There are many still around who want to go back to those days of empires even if it is a collective effort. That group will carry out the resources wars of the 21st century. The bigger the collective the bigger the disagreements and bigger the falls. The further consolidation of the European Army with or without Britain includes various EU Battle Groups already in place.

All this is behind the itchy fingers and potential interference in the Middle East and a desire to put down Syria and Iran as well as any progress or moves to democratise other Arab countries.

All the above is ominous and needs to be exposed for what it really is. That would help lead many in the labour movement to drop their blind obsession with "Europe".

The best way to help those struggling, striking and protesting against the EU's common austerity policies and restructuring of 'Europe' is to oppose these policies at home here in Britain. That is real solidarity.

The general feeling in Britain is opposed to the EU. This is especially so amongst rank and file trade union members and the wider sections of working class people. The soup kitchens, charity run food banks and mass unemployment are here now not just in Greece.

It is time to stand up, oppose the cuts with action and make clear this austerity emanates from Brussels.