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Democrat March-April 2013 (Number 134)

European Union to the fore?

Recent events have shoved the EU high up on the agenda. That was even before the lady died. The UKIP surprise in a by-election made clear the dangers of the left leaving the subject to others rather than working to take the lead. Our constituency consists of those millions who work for their living and their dependents. Pensioners are of course included as they are being paid delayed wages.

The longer the adoption of this most important policy to get out of the EU is put off by labour movement organisations, especially by trade union leaders, the more difficult it will be to solve the major problems Britain faces. An understanding of the real nature of the EU and its vulture activity on behalf of finance capital, financial services, transnational corporations and banks is urgently required. If a problem is understood then the solution pops into view. If you have an ache in the head and establish its a hole in a tooth you go to a dentist to get it fixed.

The crisis in the eurozone includes lessons enough to show clearly that the single currency is not working and in turn neither is the single market with 25 million unemployed.

Within the eurozone there is no such thing as 'free movement of capital' only the capitalists robbing people's savings and ruining small and large businesses as banks were locked down. As our piece on page 6 shows an Irish euro is not the same as a Cypriot euro. The lesson from this is plain. If we allow the Euro-federalists to carry on in this way in one Member State they will come after us in Britain.

We already suffer from the common EU austerity policies and cuts. Further cuts are still to be put in place. The more we put up with this and the smashing of the welfare state, NHS and state education the more draconian measures and policies will be heaped on our heads. This could include a 'lock down' of banks in Britain. We should not ignore the fact that taxpayer's money has already been used to salvage some banks.

Lots of action is required along with explaining how Britain got into today's situation. It has been pointed out, in a kind but reproachful way, that in Greece workers have held 26 general strikes over the recent period. Meanwhile we boast of holding one general strike in 1926.

The overwhelming number of people in Britain are opposed to Britain's membership of the EU. It is time this was given a firm and clear lead by the labour movement. If not, the money and propaganda will be rolled out over the coming period to try to ensure, like 1975, this popular position is changed to support Euro-federalism. The Lady's funeral is a taste of what is planned for the coming period.

It is time for action, leafleting, street meetings, public meetings, discussion and selling our paper, The Democrat. Please do the best you can now.