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Democrat - June 2005 (Number 88)

What has to be and can be done now to ensure the EU state Treaty is dead

Following the magnificent results in France and the Netherlands it is clear that the EU-critical movement has to help ensure by large and small actions that the Treaty for a European Constitution is dead. This is especially so as the EU is now in deep crisis.

If the heads of Government "respect" their electorate's decision, both the French President and the Dutch Prime Minister must go to the European Council of Ministers on 16 June and each state that their country cannot ratify the Treaty. If they do this the Treaty will be dead.

If they do not make such a statement then we will know a method of imposing the Treaty has been worked out which could include "cherry picking", entry by the back door or some obtuse legal technical wangle like the 1969 Vienna Treaty on international Treaties.

Whatever covert method is attempted, one thing is certain and given the opportunity, the peoples of the EU are fed up with the EU-political elites, EU-bullies and EU-files. A strong democratic decision has been taken. If it is ignored there will be further revolts.

The European alliance of EU-critical movements and organisations, TEAM**, has been asked what course of action should be taken and we in CAEF endorse the following advice and where TEAM has made clear it is up to organisations in their own country whether or not to follow this.

* Organisations and people opposed to the EU state Constitution must, in their own way:

1. Up to 16 June, take action to ensure the Treaty is dead.
2. For the for-see-able time ahead expose and oppose all attempts to introduce any part of the EU Constitution.

* This can be done:

1. Continue to campaign and continue to distribute and make available material explaining what the Constitution does in all member States.
2. In those Member States which have ratified the Treaty and those states which have not ratified or were scheduled to have referendums, press their governments and parliaments to reject ratification of the Treaty and respect the clear decision of the electorates in France and Holland which have rejected the Treaty for an EU state Constitution.

**TEAM website